by Bernadette Healy


How do I want to be?
How do I want to be?

It is so hard sometimes to allow myself just to be me

I tried to listen to everything out there
I tried to do as they would have it so
I longed for it all to be about some other else
And I searched for a way to keep it contained though huge within

For a while I gave it to another, to gaze upon it anew and to love.

But my efforts ground me down and down
And in despair I dwelt
I stumbled then upon a place both sought and shunned at once

The fear sometimes froze my soul

I ran this way and that

A treasure hunt of sort it seemed, though blinded I searched and doubted too the prize

Till gazing from my troubled state
I found I could be still
And then I listened patiently in all the messy space

One day I heard a new sound at home and learnt its meaning true

In time the stone began to shift
I came out into the light
I knew then what I must do and I told myself “you’re right”

And so I gently turned around and took a different path
The course was true though yet unknown
I full followed it with my heart


Everyone experiences transitions at some stage – new project team, new boss, new role, move, break-up, significant birthday coming up, travel, marriage, divorce etc etc. Transition is internal, within the self– a psychological reorientation that people have to go through before change can be effective, change is external. Transitions can be tough and require patience and self-acceptance. The above words were composed in response to working with many clients who were working through transition.