Adam Bandt

by Maille Halloran

 Adam Bandt

Adam Bandt is one of a kind. He remains the only Greens MP in the Australian lower house, the first Greens MP to win the historic seat of Melbourne, and the first Greens MP to spend more than a term in the House of Representatives.

Bandt studied Law and Arts in Perth and practised for a decade as an Industrial lawyer, mainly representing lower-paid workers.

Bandt later moved to Melbourne to complete a PhD at Monash University. In the midst of the ‘War on Terror’ Bandt sought to understand the trend of 21st century governments suspending the rule of law in a climate of increasing globalisation. His conclusion was that governments have begun to ignore the existence of immutable human rights, such as equality before the law and the right to seek asylum.

Politics seems a foreseeable move from industrial advocacy and a thesis which argued for government’s promotion of inviolable human rights. Bandt’s term in parliament has been characterised by strong support for the Science and Research communities of Melbourne as well as Melbourne’s young student population.