Growing up, Dad worked in the same suburb as our school in Sweden.

Growing up, Dad worked in the same suburb as our school in Sweden. Mum would pick us all up from school (there were five kids) in a huge car, a spaceship. We would then go and pick Dad up from work every afternoon in the spaceship. I don’t remember this but my sisters tell me that one-day, we went to pick Dad up from work. Mum went into his work, and then came out and got in the car but Dad didn’t come. We were all asking where Dad was but Mum didn’t say anything. We got home and Dad came home about an hour later. He asked her why she didn’t pick him up. Apparently when Mum went to collect Dad, she looked through the glass and saw him kissing his co-worker. He ended up marrying his co-worker and they have two kids. I get on really well with his kids and say to people that there are seven kids in the family. Mum and Dad didn’t go through lawyers for their divorce and kept things pretty amicable. When I ask mum about it, she says that she is glad that dad cheated on her with a woman he ended up marrying rather than a one-night stand because at least something good was able to come out of it.