Charlie Pickering


by Maille Halloran

Charlie Pickering of ‘The Project’ and ‘The Weekly’ fame was once a lawyer. This is unsurprising given the political and legal conundrums Pickering tackles each week in his news satire program on the ABC. Marriage Equality, Foreign Aid, Indigenous Incarceration and the Federal Budget are just some of the big issues the former lawyer has addressed in the first nine episodes of ‘The Weekly’.

Pickering graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor in Arts and Laws. Just as it was for the Monty Python crew, law school was the perfect launching pad for Pickering’s comedy career with many opportunities to star in law revues.

Despite the introduction to comedy at university, Charlie did not graduate to a career as a comedian. Pickering left a job at a large law firm in favour of (initially) a lack of a job in comedy. It was not long though before the lawyer turned comedian became an Australian household name, after appearing as team captain on ‘Talkin’ Bout Your Generation’ hosted by Shaun Micallef, incidentally another former lawyer. Putting his fame to good use, Pickering also acts as an ambassador of the ‘Our Watch‘ organisation, taking a passionate stand against violence against women.

Pickering is now married to a lawyer who works in New York City.