Victoria and NSW join arms in regulation

by Pamela Taylor-Barnett
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From 1 July 2015, there will be new laws and regulations governing the legal profession in Victoria and New South Wales. The Legal Profession Uniform Law is found in Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 (Vic), and the NSW equivalent. This replaces the current Legal Profession Act 2004 (Vic).

This change is significant for lawyers in Victoria and New South Wales. Other states and territories are yet to adopt the legislation.

The changes mean that:
1. New Uniform Law will apply.
2. New Legal Profession Conduct Rules will apply.
3. New Legal Practice Rules will apply.
4. New Continuing Professional Development Rules will apply.
5. A new Legal Services Council will come into operation to implement the Uniform Law.
6. A new Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation will be brought into existence. The Commissioner will oversee compliance, dispute resolution and professional discipline under the Uniform Law. The Commissioner is also the CEO of the Legal Services Council (point 5).
7. The Legal Services Board and Commissioner in Victoria (LSBC) will continue to carry out regulatory and operational functions.

We suggest you familiarise yourself with the changes and the new rules. Whilst the changes may appear only slight in some areas, you should familiarise yourself with them as you must meet your professional legal obligations.

For more information, visit:
– The Legal Services Council website.
– The Law Institute of Victoria website.
– The NSW Law Society website.