Rebel Wilson


By Maille Halloran

Researching comedian and actor Rebel Wilson’s early years as a law graduate proves difficult. In May of last year many major Australian news outlets reported that Wilson had misled the public about her birth name, age and the nature of her upbringing.

Undisputed however was Wilson’s claim that she graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2009 with a double degree in Law and Theatre Studies. Wilson says that she was highly academic in high school and a law degree was supposed to be her back up if acting did not work out.

The year following her graduation Rebel decided to pursue the law side of her studies. She was reportedly posted as a Rotary International Youth Ambassador to South Africa, to study Social Justice issues in the region. Here, Wilson alleges she contracted malaria and hallucinated visions of stardom and Academy Award accolades.

The actor was inspired to abandon the law and pursue theatre, (which she had studied extensively throughout the early 2000s) with renewed determination. A law degree has not been useless however, Rebel says she is good at negotiating her own contracts. She also played a lawyer on comedy show Super Fun Night in 2013, a detail that was written in especially for her background in the law. The comedy actor has not ruled out a return to the law either, joking that she might be a barrister one day if acting work dries up.