Finally! *cheering from the crowd*

Hello lovely people still following my misadventures after law school. I have good news! I got a real lawyer job!!! (Wahoooo!)

After almost a year, someone has finally said “yes” after what feels like an avalanche of “nos”. So after all this time I can tell you all that it too will happen for you. After all the crappy days where you feel like it’s just not going to happen, it has. It still hasn’t really sunk in yet. Someone wants ME to be a lawyer, to take cases, to stand up in court, to speak to clients, to do billable hours! It’s the most wonderful thing ever.

While I have been reassured, and I am now reassuring you, that all the knockbacks do not directly link themselves to your individual competency so much as to the large pool of brilliant legal minds currently in the market. When you are constantly missing out it’s hard not to take it a bit personally, it’s hard not to think that you were just not good enough. Whether or not the reasoning is accurate it is finally with great pride and relief that I can stand up and say “someone thinks I am good enough!” And so, I can also assure all of you out there that it will happen to you too! Just hang in there! Hand in those job applications, smile your best and be yourself at the interview and that day will come.

Obviously I have no idea what is going to happen in the future (here’s hoping it’s a lovely prosperous time with this wonderful firm) Nevertheless I have been saying to my best friend over the last few months (she’s a newly hatched lawyer also) “we just have to get through this, one day years from now we’ll look back from our awesome law jobs and think ‘ha, what were we worried about?’, I’m sure of it.” Well, she and I have now landed on our feet in legal positions, so I say the time to look back and think the above is now!

It’s been a long slog but we made it people! I can’t wait for all of you to bask in the same joy when your turn comes.

Next stop, business cards, an office and some seriously hard work!